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Whitney Stovall is a freelance content marketing writer and social media strategist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Whitney has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Culture,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the leading marketing strategy to implement in almost all full-scale digital outreach campaigns. SEO should constitute a large part of
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Email marketing remains a key channel for attracting leads and new customers as well as social media. Every dollar spent on this marketing campaign and email channel
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If you want people to discover your small business, you need to help them find you on the Internet. The majority of customers now search
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Who would’ve thought that Trolls: World Tour of all movies would stir one of the biggest movie theater business controversies in recent memory? After the
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Your brand’s SEO reputation is the fundament on which you can build your brand image and establish yourself on the market. To help you with
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Having an online business requires a great deal of effort at every step. The first need is being able to offer a product or service
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For starters, have you heard of the newest tool to use? It’s called Google Tag Manager, and it can take your analytics to a new
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Nowadays, you can get a wonderful website within a short period of time on a budget. Many entrepreneurs think that web design and development take
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Many small business marketing strategies are always good techniques. However, during this time of social distancing and working from home due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Effective marketing strategies mark the boundary between goal setting and goal achieving. Investing time, energy and money (which are all quite the same thing anyway)
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Whether one find themselves in the midst of a crisis, a world pandemic or something on a personal level; sometimes it’s simply hard to look
Is freelancing a business article by Creative Allies
We like to talk about issues that are relevant to our community of creative professionals. Something that comes up often is the question of what
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Mary is going to a presentation that she’s put a lot of work in. She can’t wait to get on the big stage and give
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Everyone’s first choice to get new ideas, knowledge, and information is to surf the internet. Google provides the best and easiest surfing experience as it

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