5 Ways Small Business Blogging Can Help You Grow

As a business owner, there’s a great chance you’re wondering if writing a blog will help your small business. Keeping up with a blog may sound like more work than you’re willing or able to do. But the work is worth your while, and here are some reasons why small business blogging should be in your marketing toolkit. 

  • 94% of people who share blogs believe that they are helping others (Source: TechClient)
  • 61% of purchases made by customers in the USA were due to reading a blog post. (Source: Blogher)
  • Businesses that have blogs get 97% more inbound links than their competition who don’t do blogging (Source: HubSpot)
  • Websites that contain blogs get 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. (Source: TechClient)
  • 37% of those in marketing find that blogging is the most important part of content marketing. (Source: B2B Content Marketing)

Here are 5 benefits that a blog can bring to your small business.

Increase search engine optimization

Content that is relevant, new, and beneficial drives your business up the search engines fast. Consistent blogs allow search engines to index the new content. That gives you the opportunity to add keywords and long-tailed keywords to increase your visibility. This helps the people who are looking for you find you easier. 

Develop and nurture relationships

Blogging allows you to interact and engage with your current and potential clients. Use your blogs to ask questions. You can stir up conversations to keep them engaged and coming back for more. Your audience can comment and respond to your blogs, building trust and rapport and placing you as the industry expert. You can also learn more about what your customers want and need. 

Give your target audience something useful

Give your online visitors something of value that they can use for free. Your blog content can help solve their problems. Tips and advice that help make life and business better offer them solutions and give you potential leads. 

Get leads

Small business blogging will bring leads who are interested in what you have to offer. Blogging about a giveaway or something that entices online readers to give you their email address will allow you to do email marketing. These people opt-in and want to hear from you! Then you have a stronger chance to get them to take action and convert them into paying customers. 

Give your target clients a chance to share

With every blog, you create a chance for others to give your small business the “snowball effect”. They share your content with others and the snowball gets bigger. There are many ways to share including via Facebook and Linkedin sharing and Twitter retweeting. They can link to your blog and even talk about what you’ve written. 

Small business blogging simply just makes sense.

Blogging is free or low cost, allows you to be the industry expert, and boosts your credibility. It increases your brand awareness and helps to grow your brand. Blogs are the perfect way to drive organic traffic to your website and boost your search engine optimization strategy. You deliver something of value so that others’ lives can be better in some way. In exchange, they give you their contact information and permission to send emails. They will grant your business permission to market to them if you approach it in the right manner. Blogs help your website crawl up the search engines, which makes it easier for your target audience to find you. Increased website traffic is something that everyone in business wants. You can engage and interact with current customers and potential customers. They’ll grow to trust you, and you know that people do business with those they trust. 

So when you hear that blogging doesn’t work, remember, it does. So be sure to consistently keep it up. For your small business blogging can produce big results! 

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