The Creative Allies Story

Connecting Bands and Designers

Prior to becoming the multicultural marketing agency that we are today, our company has an interesting history with some of the coolest clients everCreative Allies was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs Sean O’Connell and Greg Lucas. The duo identified a need for emerging musicians to have high-quality designs for tour merchandise. Because of this, they created both a platform and an online community to fill the gap. The process of crowdsourced design allows artists to interact with their favorite musicians. All the while providing musicians a low cost way to generate amazing art. In essence, the two founders created a company, a platform, and a win-win for the creative community.

Growing Connections & Diversification

Over the years, the community of artists continued to grow. Specifically, we now stand at 100k+ creatives globally. The company evolved from serving emerging artists to touting a roster of the biggest celebrity names in the music industry. To illustrate, we’ve worked with Eminem, Selena Gomez, and Twenty One Pilots. In 2015, Creative Allies took the same community approach and expanded the business to serve all types of clients. Consequently, we partnered with even more entertainment brands as well as a few of the biggest sports properties in the world.

Multicultural Marketing

Creative Allies is a certified, minority-owned, multicultural marketing agency. We lean on our sports & entertainment heritage but also focus on small business marketing. We’ve cultivated a global community of creatives unlike any other. This allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of services to grow their brands and engage with consumers. Certainly, our community, combined with our internal team, and our strategic partners offer a triple threat. We offer our clients access to a highly specialized team and deliver targeted campaigns. 

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