15 Fantastic Small Business Marketing Strategies

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Many small business marketing strategies are always good techniques. However, during this time of social distancing and working from home due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, focusing on online and remote marketing efforts is more lucrative than ever. Here I’m sharing 15 digital marketing tips that you can use right now for your business.

1. Build a website

If you don’t have a company website already, get on it – missing out on reaching a huge section of the market. If you do already have a website, take this opportunity to update it and ensure it is the best it can be. Review your website’s data analytics to make improvements where they are most needed.

2. Write a blog

Starting a blog on your website is another great way to generate traffic and increase online awareness of your business. Writing content related to your brand and the products/services you provide will also improve your search engine rankings and thus further generate more customers.

3. Write a column

If you don’t want to have a dedicated blog for your business, you can always write feature articles for other blogs or newspapers. This will allow you to reach another pre-established audience base.

4. Use social media

Create business accounts with all the biggest social media platforms provides free marketing and a huge audience. Allowing you to build a presence as plugged in and current, while cultivating relationships with customers. You can also use Google Analytics and other social media listening tools to monitor the success of your social media campaigns.

5. Use print media

While a huge percentage of media is now digital, print-based media is still a thriving business. Get picked up by the local press, reach out to journalists, generating interest in your business and reaching potential clients on a new platform.

6. Facebook advertising

Stacie Tanner, a marketer writer at and, says: “There are over 2 million small business advertising through Facebook, as it is a cost-effective platform for marketing your services/products to your target audience on a large-scale social networking channel.” There are plenty of other pay-per-click advertising services, such as Google AdWords, Bing ads, or Ignite Visibility.

7. Google my business

One great marketing strategy for small businesses, in particular, is to list your company on Google My Business, which is totally free! This is especially useful for companies looking to target local clientele, as it boosts your visibility immediately on Google searches.

8. Email marketing

Despite new trends, email marketing is still a thriving strategy as it allows you to highlight new products and services, promote special offers and deals, and provide updates about your business.

9. Network online

While face-to-face networking is highly valuable, during this period of remote working, focusing on online networking opportunities can be lucrative. Try online networking platforms like Linkedin that allow you to connect with other businesses and professionals.

10. Recycle old content

This is especially effective if your marketing budget is limited, as you can take this time to re-work your existing content to keep it relevant. As well as ensuring you have ‘evergreen’ content – this refers to blog content which is consistently relevant without having to update it.

11. Consultation services

You can also build awareness of your brand by offering consultations if your business provides professional services rather than products. Promote your consultation services and consider offering a free initial consultation for further incentive.

12. Business awards

No matter what industry you are in, there are likely plenty of business awards you can compete for. This can be a great way to boost credibility for your brand.

13. Form partnerships

Collaborating with other businesses who can offer knowledge, resources, and opportunities through partnership can allow you to optimize your business practices by finding companies that complement your own brand. Bruce Northcutt, a manager at and, explains: “This also allows you to instantly reach an entirely new audience and market.”

14. Charity Work

Attending local charity events, donating funds or resources, any way you can get involved with charity work boosts your image and creates a sense of credibility and responsibility.

15. Existing customers

Show your customers you value their business to encourage continued loyalty. Provide the occasional special offer or free gift, as well as developing a customer referral program so your existing customers can refer their friends and get rewards for doing so.

While making the most of this new situation, remember to also think long-term about your marketing goals. Take the opportunity to reassess your budget before deciding to invest in your marketing strategies.

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