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Everyone’s first choice to get new ideas, knowledge, and information is to surf the internet. Google provides the best and easiest surfing experience as it supplies answers to every question asked. Gone are the days where scholars search for knowledge in textbooks and other research materials. Today, scholars simply log into Google, type in the questions and get whatever they want. This is made possible through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because of this, blogging for SEO, should be something that all small business owners understand.

Every SEO friendly blog, when optimized, appear in Google search engine for users to find. Over 75% of internet users say they read blogs regularly. This is the main reason you need to optimize your blog posts and focus on blogging for SEO success. SEO friendly blogs actually help in SEO because they can contributes to the ranking of that website. Regular site updates and blogging on topics and issues that are very relevant to your clients can improve the overall performance of your website.

      Blogging Keeps Your Site Updated

Imagine you end up on any random website and you see the date of the most current blog was 2 years ago. You’ll probably discard the information and move onto a different site with more recent information. You are no different than your clients. It’s critical that your site stays updated and fresh, and a consistent blog can help you do that. One of the factors for Google rankings is in fact how fresh your site is. Blogging will help you with this.

      Blogs Can Encourage Visitors To Stay Longer

Whenever a user searches for any information on Google, Google aims at providing an appropriate answer to the question asked so that they will keep coming back to Google for help. If a user clicks on any link and immediately logs out of the site, Google takes it that the post is
not relevant; you know what it means if every user does that. The ranking of the site will deteriorate. It will take time before getting back to where the site was previously. On the other hand, if a user spends more time on a blog, Google receives a signal that the site is quite helpful and relevant. Also, If a user gets into a site from an interesting link in another site, there is that tendency that the user will really love to remain longer and digest the whole gist.

      Blogging For SEO Opens The Door For Internal Linking

An internal link is the link that points a user to other content on your site that is relevant. This is important for SEO and Google rankings because it indicates that your site offers valuable information beyond what’s in one blog post. Internal linking is an easier form of linking because you are at liberty to link a user to any relevant post that connects to the information you are sharing. As you blog frequently, the opportunity for you to naturally link your post to another post internally will arise and this actually is a good practice of blogging for SEO success. This process of internal linking will help to keep users on your site longer.

      SEO Friendly Blogs Can Encourage External Links To Your Site 

Before your website can get good ranking authority from Google, other high ranking sites need to externally link to you. External linking is one of the good practices of blogging for SEO success. This is not quite as easy as it seems. Your website must gain a good level of trust before other sites will link to you. This means having good, accurate content. It means offering knowledge and answering questions versus just trying to sell something to visitors. As you work to get your website more established, over time you will increase the number of other websites that will link to yours.


Blogging for SEO success is very doable if you take all of the points above into consideration. Remember that the goal of blogging is to provide good, relevant information to your visitors. SEO should not be the first goal, but should be an important goal. You certainly can gain SEO benefits from blogging regularly and having great content throughout your entire website

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