Get Publicity For Your Small Business

publicity for your small business

Congratulations! You’ve fired up your small business. Next on your list is how to get some excellent public relations (PR), because publicity for your small business is a must. Long gone are the days when you can just build it and they will come. Many business owners believe that PR is needed only by big companies and large corporations. Au contraire, mon frère! PR for small businesses is just as important. How will potential customers know about you if you don’t get the word out? How will they know you stand above the rest if you don’t show them? Promoting a business means building relationships with people who can become your customers. Just remember this truth: people buy from people. In fact, they’re willing to pay more and go the extra mile for a brand they trust and believe in. Most companies came from humble beginnings. But because they learned the art of promoting a business, they became sought-after success stories. 

Publicity for your small business is about building a good name.

Publicity, public relations, and a good reputation are the crucial building blocks for any business that’s looking to grow. Building an audience and a community requires your marketing strategies to focus on more than just profit. PR strategies help you create, build, promote and also manage your new enterprise’s brand reputation. And here’s some welcome news – PR is different from paid advertising. Good PR can happen any time your business makes a positive difference for someone else publically. You can earn good PR not by spending lots of money but by thoughtfully participating in your community. You can do this!

Learn the best ways to create brand recognition. 

Do your research and focus on the most practical and cost-effective ways to gain recognition in your field. You don’t have to break the bank in order to get help. You can likely find a PR firm that offers small business packages. Creative Allies is also a great source of info. We share helpful content like this blog on branding in social media.

Promote your values and build trust. 

The first thing your brand should do is earn the trust of your target audience. Publicity for your small business is a lifeline to creating the networking, relationships, and credibility that grow a following. From volunteering in the community to holding workshops in your expert area, PR projects can show the values you stand for. Social media and video marketing can also be hugely effective and low-cost tactics that raise your company’s profile. 

Make connections. 

Oh, the wonders of the internet! The possibilities are infinite for networking and connections you can nurture so that they become dedicated followers and influencers. As your brand’s reputation grows, you can create even more win-win relationships through cross-marketing. There’s lots of mutual benefits to be had when you form alliances with other companies.

Craft your business’s brand by creating a compelling story.

Publicity for your small business begins with crafting your brand story. You want to grab the audience’s attention and connect with them on a relatable level. Your content should make them think, “Wow! They understand me.”  Promoting your business correctly can change, persuade and influence your audience’s way of thinking about your company. 


With its power to establish an authentic connection between you and the people you want to serve, PR can truly become your small business superpower.  Now that you’ve learned a little more about publicity for your small business, be sure to head over to our Marketing Production page to learn more about other ways Creative Allies can help you build your brand. 

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