Alana Mays has been part of our community of creatives for almost two years. After winning the t-shirt design campaign for Taste of Soul Atlanta’s Taste of Tech conference, we knew it was time to find out more about Amaysn Creations and how she is improving as a designer.

How did you get started?

I’ve always been artistic! I remember creating my first work of art at five years old. When I was a sophomore in high school, I took a graphic design class and have loved it ever since!

What do you do (full-time designer, etc)?

I am currently an undergraduate student and work as a freelance graphic designer.

Favorite design tools?

I spend most of my time in Photoshop. In my free time, I like to binge-watch Photoshop tutorials to learn new tips and tricks that will make my design process easier. I’m always amazed at the many different things you can do in the program, especially the things I didn’t even know were possible!

Tell us about your design style.

My aesthetic is cool, clean, and colorful! I strive to create fun, eye-catching pieces.

What do you like about Creative Allies?

I love to see how artists interpret the different contest themes and bring those ideas to life with their various design styles. It is also interesting to read about artists’ design processes and learn about what inspired them to create a specific piece. 

Although the prizes offered are pretty cool, I view the contests more as opportunities for growth. Being able to express myself as well as create something that will benefit others brings me joy and ultimately helps me work on perfecting my craft and improving as a designer.

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