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After submitting  such interesting and unique art to some of our most recent contests, we had to reach out to community member, Normal. With his obvious drawing talent, we were curious to know more about how he became a designer, what his name meant and how he chooses to live in the present. What is his creative inspiration.

      Why are you a designer? How did you get started?

That is an ordinary story, I think. Of course, I really like to draw. That’s why I started art school when I was 14 years old. After that, I graduated as an art and visual communication teacher. I went so school simply because I like to draw.

When I was five, I made a comic book series with lots of episodes about my imaginary friend’s adventures. My mother stitched the pages like the official comic books. 

Later in life, I created a lots of designs for fun and bands would send me PMs for poster and shirt designs. That was surprising to me the first time!

To be a designer is totally a meaning of life. Creating and designing is the best part of being a human being. People can connect to each other with art. For example, I mainly focus on rock and metal bands because they play great music but they need a visual background that can “sell” their music. Selling is not a nice word but the visual part has to be a statement itself. It’s not only an advertisement but a part of the band.

      Where are you from and how does that influence you?

I live in Hungary right now but I try to travel a lot to get more inspiration and meet others in different cultures. This country is quite small so I work for foreign bands around the world. Hungary is a strange country; there is a lot of fear of the unknown and unfamiliar.

      What do you do full-time?

I am a full-time designer and tattooer. I work for a Californian screen-printing company, design for rock bands and create tattoo design.

      What’s your earliest art memory?

My friends and my classmates always told me that my drawings were made not by my muscles but from the crazy side of my brain. Of course, this artist thinking approach is sometimes not that easy to live.

Tell us about your design style.

Brush-pen with black ink and coloring or finishing in digital way with Photoshop. Pretty cartoon style. Sometimes, I create in dot-work style. My painting are more interesting, I think. They’re made from very special materials like wood doors and furniture elements from the trash to create surrealistic and abstract work. It’s kind of an environmental statement in itself; so called recycled-art.

      What does your portfolio name, Normal mean?

My citizen name is Molnar which is a popular surname in my country. I changed some letters and get Normal. I prefer to think the artists are not special people but they are fearless about their honest opinions. Everyone has a point of view; that is quite normal.

      How long have you been part of the Creative Allies community?

I have been designing here for a couple of years. I don’t remember the exact date but I remember the feeling of being totally excited and happy to potentially design for popstars. That they will work with people like us. It means a lot to me! I feel that I am never alone.

      Favorite design tools?

Usually I use only a brush pen or a thin, ordinary pen with black ink.

      Tell us about a previous design contest win and how you felt?

Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin was my single win. It was a fantastic experience for me and I am very thankful. Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin are some of the biggest rock bands on this planet so I’m grateful!

      Tell us more about the designs you submitted?

That winning artwork is also a black ink one. Sketchy and simple but dynamic because of this. I like snappy and energetic designs where I can realize the dynamics of the brush pen tool.

      What does it mean to be creative?

Creative minds can change contexts and replace it with another point of view. It’s useful to view artwork, a statement or anything with a critical attitude. An artist needs to take a point of view and show the framework of a complex system like a feeling or emotion.

      Who or what inspires you? Where do you pull inspiration from?

Everything is inspiring to me but what I use directly is music. Music can help me start my vision on the paper. My headphones close out the other noises and your two hands are free to create. That is the best method! I like thriller films and historical portrait movies as well.

      What’s on your bucket list?

I don’t have any list. I prefer only the short-term plans. If I see an opportunity, I will definitely take it! We have to act immediately and live in the present as much as we can.

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