How to Make Your Website Content More Interactive for Visitors

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The experience on your website should include making sure your visitors have an interactive experience. If you manage to give people a little bit of fun while they visit, they’ll be more trusting about putting their needs in your hands. So, how to demonstrate this? Two words – interactive content. 

Why interactive content you ask? Well, here are a few good reasons:

The impact of interactive content is no secret. It is a powerful tool for retaining users’ attention and providing them with information through engagement. 

Does this make you curious about how to make an interactive website? 

If the answer is yes, just keep reading. Here are some useful tips on how to make your website content more interactive. 

Use CTAs to Direct Visitors’ Journey

Your content should do more than inform. It should direct visitors to their next step. To create a streamlined and engaging experience, top off your content with call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

CTAs are your best bet for capitalizing on the information your content provides. Invite visitors to take action right away.

The role that CTAs play is quite simple. They show the customers what their options are. Thus, they motivate them to further explore and interact with your website.

Just think about this. A visitor has landed on their website. He reads a short introduction about your company. Now what? Should he click on your “About” page or read some blogs, maybe check the testimonials? There are so many options that slow down his experience.

The solution lies in CTAs. Point out to visitors the next logical step. With one or two choices in the form of CTA, users will be able to make their decisions faster. 

Inform and Engage with Internal Links

Internal links are the perfect tactic for keeping the visitors on your website. However, they have yet another benefit. Internal linking encourages interaction.

Scatter the links throughout the text to improve website visitors’ interaction. Make it easy for them to find relevant content across your site.  

As users read your content, they see a link that provides new insight. This will keep them busy and entertained. 

You can build up their experience by relentlessly giving them additional pages to explore. 

Enhance the Content with Interactive Tools

Interactive tools come in the basic toolkit for boosting user engagement. These tools give an instant level-up to your content’s interactivity. 

However, the tricky part is finding the tools that fit your business. Depending on your business, a few options can be considered. 

  • An interactive calendar for booking.
  • Google Maps to show your facility’s location.
  • Calculator for estimating costs.

When it comes to calculators, 51% of marketers say online calculators are most useful in the “consideration stage” of the sales cycle. Count this in when deciding where to place it. 

Encourage Interaction with Quizzes

Engaging quizzes are an ideal solution for adding some life to your website content. Who doesn’t like to learn more about themselves? Ultimately, people are innately self-centered and you need to use that to your advantage.

Aside from their interactive nature, quizzes are useful for growing traffic and capturing users’ information in a non-committal way. 

If you have no experience in quiz-making, no worries. Thanks to practical plugins and platforms, anyone can create and embed a quiz on their website. If you have a WordPress website, consider these quiz plugins:

In case you aren’t a WordPress website owner, check out these online quiz makers:

Make sure that the quiz is relevant for your business. That’s how you’ll make your website appealing to your target audience. For example, you can create a “What’s your ideal birthday party” or “What classic arcade game are you.” 

The toughest part about creating quizzes is coming up with plausible and valuable results. 

To take this burden off you, outsource help. You can hire a freelance writer to do research and write compelling texts for results. A more affordable option is hiring academic writing services. Online Writers Rating can craft engaging results while keeping your costs at a minimum. 

Motivate People to Share with Social Sharing Buttons

Are you doing your best to invite social sharing? If you still haven’t embraced the social sharing buttons, now is the time to do it.

The majority of people are active users of social media. To be more precise, 3.78 billion people use social media worldwide. What’s more, that number is projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025. 

The popularity of social media can work in your favor. Provide your website visitors with share-worthy content and invite sharing with social sharing buttons. This transforms visitors from passive observes into active sharers. 

Allow your website visitors to take on the role of social media users that share fun content. You can give them the material and motivation through social buttons. All that is left for them to do is to click. 

Create a Game-Like Experience with Gamification

Gamification is another path to making an interactive website. It is a common solution for improving the site’s interactiveness and boosting the conversion rate.

What makes gamification so successful? The suspense. People are curious about what will happen when they engage with your content.

Here are a few ways you can combine the fun of the game and your web content:

  • Spin the discount wheel 
  • Trivia-related game
  • Action-reward based experience (e.g. creating a party to-do list and collecting points with each completed task)
  • Membership rewards gamification
  • Interactive game-like videos

Sprinkle some of that game feel in your website design. Let visitors fall in love with your business through the fun experience that your site offers.

Wrapping Up

Create an interactive website and show your website visitors that you are the master of fun. Take them on an enjoyable journey the moment they “step onto” your website. Interactive content can help you with that.

Remember that your website is the reflection of your business. How you present yourself on those pages determines whether people will consider your services or not. So, go all out. Add quizzes, links, and arm yourself with interactive tools. Show website visitors that choosing your facility means choosing the entertainment expert.

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