Online Learning During Covid: 6 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Learn Business Tactics

online learning during covid

The coronavirus pandemic has emerged as a terrifying threat to the nation’s economy. All over the world, businesses have experienced severe setbacks with this global pandemic. There are 20,827,637 active infected cases with 747,584 deaths in the world in August 2020. Whereas, in the United States, the death par has cross 150K figure and reached 163,651 in August 2020. Business owners are forced to shut their businesses and stay at home as governments appealed and enforced lockdowns to practice social distancing. New hiring has been frozen while 49% of companies considering layoffs for their employees. Amidst these crises, how can you utilize your time for the maximum output? This is a question that has crossed billions of minds. The answer to this question is simple! Invest your maximum time in online learning during Covid rather than doing other things.

E-learning has made things easier for us. You can learn on a variety of different topics and subjects with less investment and pliability according to your schedule. Improving business tactics by learning effective methodologies online has now emerged as an easy option. E-learning is the platform that gets all your doubts clear and has led US organizations to increase their income by 42%.

It has been expected that the US’s e-learning market could potentially grow by $12.81 billion between 2020 and 2025. The estimations and calculations proved that e-learning is the potential answer to the future as the uncertainties are certain.

So, learning the right tactics in the current situation enables you to make a better decision in the future. E-learning will help you develop skills so you can utilize the time at home and can even start freelancing amidst the crisis.

5 Reasons Why E-Learning Is Important

E-learning offers what traditional learning and development models could never offer. Plenty of organizations and enterprises, ranging from corporations to nonprofits to educational institutes, everybody has divined and are taking benefits from E-Learning.

a)  E-Learning is Flexible

Thousands of companies and educational sectors have adopted e-learning to take their learning and development to new heights. Considering the current uncertain situation where businesses and classrooms have been closed for good, online learning during Covid is the answer.

The world has passed that part where in-house training courses and in-person classes were the options for learning. E-learning the efficient way to grow your knowledge has offered flexibility with which you can take your growth to a whole new level.

Companies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb all adopted e-learning programs for their workforces, and today they are leading the business industry.

b) It is cost-effective

Traditional learning and development require in-house trainers, teachers, and facilitators, which contribute to significant expenses. Traditional learning also incurs a lot of travel expenses for employees and instructors.

E-learning, on the other hand, has nearly eliminated additional and extra costs by dispensing instructions and training online for a few dollars. With cost-effectiveness, they also save a lot of precious time, and one can learn at their available and flexible time.

c)  It is measurable & offers timely feedback

E-learning is all digital, and it can easily be measured at a granular scale. You can set measurable learning objectives for your E-learning course. For example, measures like how many learners have completed the course, how much time they took to complete the course, or even their quiz scores.

Another way to measure the result is to specify how much will be accomplished. For example, completing the quiz without error or answering the questions within the predefined time limit.

E-learning allows having real-time feedback during the online course. Because of the digital connectivity, analysis can be done in a matter of no time, and you have the exact figure as what is what!

d) It is accessible on different platforms

E-learning offers greater accessibility and available on various platforms and devices. Because of this factor, it is the most favorite learning choice of people nowadays. The accessible platforms for e-learning are, for example, computer-based learning, web-based learning, virtual classrooms, blended learning, mobile learning, and digital educational games.

Computer-based learning has flexible programs, and the learner can learn whenever and wherever they wish, but it has been succeeded by web-based learning as the digital world has transformed and advanced. Web-based learning allows training learners with different forums, conference calls, live chats, and multiple review options.

Virtual classrooms act as the cherry on the top. In this hard time of coronavirus pandemic, millions of teachers and students worldwide have used virtual classrooms for educational purposes. Furthermore, there is blended learning, which is specific to self-study modules.

Another added learning methodology is mobile learning, which is accessible to all the learners as almost everyone owns mobile. So, it is the most accessible and most used platform for learning purposes. The last is the digital educational games; these games are specifically designed to nurture the learning and skill-development process.

e)  It offers you updated info

E-learning is the most recommended option, given the fact that new trends and modern knowledge are constantly updating. The pliable learning models and accessibilities on different devices make e-learning a big shot in the current times. However, most people are stuck in homes and can easily invest most of the time in learning. It is an excellent option for those workers too, who are working from home and want to improve their skill set.

So, learning at your ease is a great option! Also, the e-learning platforms are working tirelessly to update the latest knowledge for the learners, so that learning remotely anywhere with updated information or data becomes easier for individuals.

Why Now Is The Time To Sharpen Your Skills?

Coronavirus has led to terrific situations as most of the people are stuck in their homes. Governments asked people to practice social distancing and imposed lockdowns, which vary from partial lockdowns to complete lockdowns.

With the most time available, you can put the maximum time into learning and developing skills. You might have heard that school, college, or university degrees don’t ensure employment or career growth but skillset. So run after developing more skills and thrive for excellence. Online learning during Covid is a great way to sharpen your skills and be prepared for life after Covid.

i.         Online learning is rising

In a hard time of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are forced to stay at home, practicing social distancing. These safety measures have been taken in the wake of public health precautions. The maximum of people living their lives at home with their families seems exhausted and frustrated.

It was all right, but as time passed, people became frustrated and exhausted, which resulted severely.

But the situation isn’t all bad. Most people are utilizing their time for learning and development. E-learning platforms are offering ample opportunities by providing learning for all the niches. This online learning is helping people transforming into better and skilled individuals.

ii.         You have ample time

The covid-19 pandemic has given people ample leisure hours. It is now completely up to you how you use that time for something productive rather than wasting it.

Focus on marching for various things to acquire and learn. Make a scheduling checklist to follow and keep that skill in practice. For example, if, on average, you consume 2 or 3 days to complete a task and learn a skill, then in a month, you can learn about 20 to 30 valuable skills. All these skills will act as a silver lining for your future.

Another critical thing to consider is never let distractions impede you. Getting distracted can ruin the development state and disturb mental health as you need to build the learning attitude again. Set targets for you and achieve it accordingly.

Remember to use the ample time to learn and develop with the wide-horizon e-learning platforms to get maximum output in your career pursuits.

iii.         The Future is Uncertain

Uncertainty is heating up for the future. As J. Paul Getty quoted that ‘Without the element of uncertainty, the bringing off of even the greatest business triumph would be dull, routing, and eminently unsatisfying.’

 Considering the world’s ongoing conditions, one can’t expect that there wouldn’t be another spell of this deadly virus or any other virus. If the uncertainty persists in the future, people who are skilled and can multitask will thrive.

Studying from E-learning platforms would give you a better chance to stand against the odds in the future.

iv.         Online learning during Covid can alleviate stress

People are stuck in homes, which made them frustrated and exhausted. Alleviating stress can be done by buckling down and powering through, but learning something new can contribute mainly to the cause.

In-house learning and development have been seized, considering the ongoing practice of social distancing because of Covid-19. But most of us have already heard at least once in the lifetime that learning must never stop at any cost. What should be done is that we should try reframing the stressful situation as a learning opportunity.

E-learning platforms provide tons of courses that give you a flying jet to success by being at home. What’s more exciting is that most of these courses are free of cost. You can learn without paying and work on the path of success.

v.         Increasing support from social media platforms

I have already discussed it several times that e-learning is of great importance for you. E-learning provides tons of digital marketing and e-commerce courses. These courses will help you understand the know-how of marketing, its strategies, and help you combine social media and email marketing tactics for better returns.

The online courses at E-learning platforms are diversified and are in high demand. These courses are from basic/beginning to advanced/developed levels.

For example, Facebook has made a significant new push into the e-commerce industry. The widely recognized and most go-to platform has announced the launch of online shops, a freeway path for businesses to set up free online stores on Facebook and Instagram.

These online stores will be powered by third parties, including big giants such as Shopify, Big Commerce, and Woo. This initiative is specifically designed to turn the social network platform into a top-tier shopping adventure.

vi.         Business tactics are constantly upgrading

Change is all around us, almost every single day. As my keen focus is on small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals facing a serious setback because of this pandemic, you must upgrade yourself as the world dynamic is continually changing.

For instance, if you only focus on having the physical store and never consider having a digital one in the past, now is the time to have one! You must use other channels or platforms to carry the operations and keep the business inflow functional.

Learning allows you to deliver the best and secure your job in this tough time. Or you can enroll yourself in business tactics courses and get the desired results for your own business.

Online Learning during Covid For Small Business Owners

Small business owners are the most affected by this virus. Most of these small business owners always focus on the physical stores and never tried to dive into the digital world.

Small business owners aim to climb the ladder to success but are left at the mercy of covid . But since they don’t have a prior understanding of the e-commerce platforms, they must start improving their business skillset with e-learning websites to enhance and grow their firm.

I have mentioned some vital business learning skills to help you out:

  1. The Lean Startup
  2. Content Marketing Certification
  3. The SWOT Analysis
  4. How To Start Your Own Business
  5. Saving Plans For Small Business
  6. Finance And Accounting For Small Business & Entrepreneurs
  7. Making Successful Decisions Through The Strategy, Law & Ethics Model
  8. Introduction To SEO: Tactics And Strategies For Entrepreneurs
  9. Social Media Superhero
  10. Project Management Principles And Practices

4 Platforms That Are Providing Online Learning During Covid

There are numerous e-learning platforms that provide online business training.

a)  HubSpot Academy

Hubspot Academy, established in 2012, is a 4.7 out of 5-star e-learning institute. Hubspot is on a mission to revolutionize the way organizations offer online training for the digital age.

The leaders at Hubspot aim to inspire and educate people everywhere, helping them learn how to market and excel in the business world.

b)  LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, another giant learning platform, helps learners increase engagement and develop the skills for success. It is 4.4 out of a 5-star platform that has provided over 16,000 courses, taught by real-world experts from a digital background. It has an updated library with the most in-demand business and technical content.

c)  Pluralsight

Learners working for fast-paced organizations need to look at the courses available at Pluralsight. It is the platform that provides technical abilities, aligning key business objectives, and helps you get a step closer to critical business areas such as mobile, data, cloud, and design. This 4.6 out of 5-star e-learning platform and has state-of-the-art features in it.

d)  GoSkills

GoSkills, a platform with a 4.8 out of 5 ratings, helps learners learn the essential business skills to implement for their full potential. This platform keenly focuses on the development of personal and professional skills. With the flexible learning options at GoSkills, you can learn to manage your business seamlessly and reach new heights.



Learning business tactics wasn’t easy at all in the past. But the thousands of E-learning platforms make it easy and fun. The ample free time that you have because of the covid-19 can be turned into something useful and exciting. Online learning during Covid will help you develop yourself for better opportunities.

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