Small Business Marketing Books to Read in 2021

marketing books to read

Small businesses have a difficult job of attracting and retaining new customers. While old familiar strategies still work, experts are providing new insights into marketing to beat the increasing competition and grow businesses. Whether you are entering the market or would like to reignite your brand, books offer firm guidance to market your brand in 2021. Books cover marketing with greater depth. The insights are considered because they come from extensive research and are edited by experienced authors. Here are small businesses’ marketing books to read in 2021. 

Marketing Made Simple

The biggest problem with marketing is that businesses focus exclusively on capturing new customers. The theory is that the large audience you capture will change your fortunes. Businesses are also preoccupied with increasing attention and brand awareness. While these factors are crucial, there is more to marketing than reaching more people. This is the narrative that Donald Miller wants to change in Marketing Made Simple.

According to Donald, no amount of reaching out will work if the process is flawed. You must develop a reliable system to convert serious paying customers. He explains why businesses spend a lot of resources, reach thousands of people but later fail to meet their marketing target. The answer lies in a weak marketing system. 

Marketing Made Simple helps businesses to develop the most effective sales funnel. You walk a customer from zero understanding of your product to a point where he buys your product voluntarily. The sales funnel wins the heart of a customer with so much power that the customer brings friends and associates. 

The book explains how to build tools and platforms to help with efficient marketing. Some of the tools that receive a lot of attention include marketing emails, blogs, websites, and one-liners. The book explains the stages at which you use these tools. 

The book takes a step-by-step approach to marketing for small businesses. As such, it is perfect for beginners but also captures new ideas for seasoned marketers. It is available on popular platforms like Amazon, Apple Books, and Audible, among others. 

Hidden Psychology of Social Networks 

Joe Federer worked as the Head of Strategy at Reddit. He uses the book to explore the psychology of social media users and platforms. The aim is to help businesses to maximize profit and resources spent on social media marketing. By understanding the psychology of social media, you can build a strong, valuable, and authentic brand. 

It is strange to study psychology in a marketing class but, as you will realize later, convincing people to buy is all about psychology. Joe digs deep into human behavior with special attention to evolutionary biology, neuro-anatomy, and anthropology. Joe terms the knowledge as the soft tissues of successful marketing campaigns. 

Hidden Psychology of Social Networks will help you to understand your audience- a critical element of any marketing campaign. The knowledge helps you to understand such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, including how to run individualized campaigns on each platform. Above all, you will create viral content on all these platforms. 

Hidden Psychology of Social Networks is available on Amazon, Apple Books, and Audible, among such common book markets. It is affordable, easy to read, and understandable. It provides a solid foundation for any marketing campaign, regardless of the platform. 


Small businesses run on miniature budgets. You have to grow as fast as possible using the minimal capital allocated to marketing before the business starts making a profit and paying its bills. Transaction by Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinberg gives you tested tips on how to take off fast while using minimal resources. 

Transaction is helping businesses to bypass the experience phase. The authors gather insights from the experiences of other people and expert opinions on marketing for small businesses. Whether you have been marketing for years or are entering the foray as a beginner, you will market like a pro. 

Justin and Gabriel explore different marketing channels and how each of them contributes to your sales volume. Beyond knowing these channels, you will have the skills to verify whether a channel is fit for your business. By validating using a 4-steps process, you will only deal with the most relevant channels for your business. The underlying theme is attracting relevant traffic and converting the traffic into sales. 

Transaction is available on common book markets like Audible, Amazon, and Apple Books. It uses simplified language and short chapters that allow you to read during breaks. Transaction helps you to be efficient in your hunt for customers with your meager resources. 


Why do people stick to particular brands to the point of recruiting friends and family? The answer can be found in the marketing strategy. According to Jonah Berger, the most powerful marketer is one using word-of-mouth referrals. Your existing customers will share information about your brand actively. They go further to recommend your product as a solution to friends and relatives. 

Word-of-mouth strategy could appear suitable only for small businesses selling in a particular locality. However, sharing a product on social media, dressing by celebrities as well as generating debate amounts for referrals. Jonah Berger will teach you how to create a contagious brand on different marketing platforms. 

There are many other marketing books for small businesses to read. Look out for books with simplified insights and practical ideas that do not require marketing expertise to master. With such thoughtful learning materials, your brand will take off as well as earn market share fast and efficiently.

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