Sports Marketing and Why it is Relevant

Sports marketing is one of the most influential nowadays. We see brands such as Nike or Adidas that have merged into people’s day to day routine. Both of those brands have used celebrities, athletes and influencers to position themselves. In other words, their marketing efforts changed the game. They are such a popular brand that consumers don’t have to do any sports to wear them. But have you ever thought, what is sports marketing

What is sports marketing?

Sports marketing can be defined as the efforts of using sports related content with the aimed of promoting a product, service, sporting event or equipment. Regularly we see this type of marketing using an athlete or a team as the central influence for consumers. This type of marketing uses several technics.

Examples of Sports Marketing

1. One of the greatest examples for sports marketing is this add Nike launched in February of 2019 with over eleven million views on YouTube. The campaign was called “Dream crazier.”

Nike has become an inspiration for women to pursue their dreams. And yes, this campaign is targeted to athletes but also to any other women that has big dreams. Nike was very clever to tie down their slogan “Just do it” with the campaign as well as we see it in the video.

2. Another example of sports marketing are the big events in the industry. Events such as the FIFA World Cup, and the NFL Super Bowl are events that have millions of viewers and marketers are aware of this. For both of these events, sports brands sponsor teams by providing kits for the players as well as their logo printed on their uniform. According to the FIFA website, the FIFA world cup in Russia viewers alone are 3.5 billion. This accounts for almost half of the world’s population. Thus, leaving a greater room for sports marketing to develop and attract consumers all over the world.

Sports marketing is more relevant each day. We see competitors like Puma and champion using different marketing strategies to captivate their consumers to the brand. The key to sports marketing is the different approaches each brand uses. From events, to influencers sports marketing is growing each day.

Moreover, social media has also changed the game for marketing. It has become more popular each day and marketers use this in their advantage. The strategies used are targeted to impactful content with the potential of going viral. More influencers are being paid to promote sports brands and it has become a trendy style to wear athleisure.

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