5 Video Marketing Ideas To Level the Playing Field for Your Small Business

Video Marketing Ideas

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably already heard about the power of video content marketing and how it can skyrocket your small business. With video, you can compete against larger companies and level the playing field. Exactly why does video content marketing work so well for smaller businesses? Because of its visual appeal and ability to connect with audiences emotionally, video is much easier to consume than written text. In this article, we’ll share a few video marketing ideas to help you level the playing field against your competition.

By sharing video content consistently on social media, small businesses can deliver big satisfaction directly to their audience. When you develop a video marketing strategy and come up with detailed video marketing ideas,  you can:

  • Address customer concerns and questions
  • Deliver product reviews and descriptions
  • Create social proof and peer sentiment related to your product or service

Videos are more engaging than text. 

The average person views online video content now more than ever before. On average, internet users view YouTube at least once a day, while readers of content check-in only about nine times a month. Videos can quickly go viral across social media channels, whereas written content is difficult to access unless someone shares it with you directly or you know where to find it. Videos invite viewers to use their senses, creating emotion-based learning that’s more easily retained than written information. For all these reasons, your video marketing ideas will take you much further than your text ideas

Video Marketing builds trust by showing how a company works behind closed doors.

Videos give potential customers a chance to see what goes into the making or delivery of your product or service. This builds confidence within potential consumers who may have doubts about your company’s credibility. Having this transparency within your business helps build trust with potential customers. According to Entrepreneur Media, 79% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that values transparency. When potential customers see how you work, they will feel more comfortable doing business with you. 

Videos can go viral quickly on social media channels.

According to YouTube, 50% of viewers share videos with others. This is an increase of 700% in earned views after seven days. What this means for you is that within just one week of your creating it, your video marketing content can reach over 5 billion people worldwide! Thanks to sharing, videos give you the possibility of much greater penetration than written marketing content. 

Videos can be repurposed.

You can continue to use the content from your videos over and over again. Just edit by cutting out scenes and changing the music. You’ll find they work for different purposes on different platforms. Even though you’ll likely add text to your videos, people will mostly focus on the visual. So if you come up with the right video marketing ideas, your videos can do double and triple duty to put your small business in touch with local, national, and global audiences, potentially converting your viewers into customers.

Video doesn’t have to be expensive. 

You don’t have to use expensive equipment and have a full staff to create engaging videos. You only need some really strong video marketing ideas. Most viewers love watching videos taken on the spot with a cell phone. Lots of viral videos have started just this way. Learn to use a simple free editing app, and you can keep cranking out content and hold your target audience in spite of larger competition.


You may not know this, but mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. So isn’t it time to jump in on this trend? If you’re a small business owner who wants to grab your target customers’ attention within seconds and hold it for the long term, use video –  the super-hot medium that just happens to be available right at your fingertips. 

To learn more about leveling the playing field with video marketing take a look at our Marketing Production services to see how our team can help you with your video needs. 

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