The Battle of Titans: Video Marketing vs. Written Content

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In this age of digital marketing, one of the most effective marketing techniques is through content marketing. With content marketing, you can easily create, distribute, and promote relevant materials online. This will allow you to attract customers and create engagement with your target audience.

However, there are different types of content that brands can use to promote themselves. These are video content, podcasts, blog posts, infographic, eBooks, and emails. But the most effective types of content are video content and blog posts (written content)

Video Content vs Written Content in Content Marketing

For a long time, written content seems to be the dominant type of content. But in more recent times, video content has garnered more pace. It is even tipped to be the best digital marketing technique for now and the future. It is one marketing technique that validates your efforts in your marketing, with its ROI. In comparison with written content, the nature of video content means that you can get more clicks and traffic. This is why it is on the rise and many more brands are adopting this marketing strategy.

Advantages of video content 

There are many advantages to adopting video content over written content. Some of these are:

1. It creates engagement better

Video content can easily grab the audience’s attention and trigger emotions in them. The audiovisual element to video content makes it even more relatable for the viewers. However, this is not something that you can get with written content.

2. It is  easier to track

Unlike written content that can be difficult to measure, video content is very easy to track. It’s impossible for you to say if people actually read your blog post to the end or they stopped in-between. Analyzing your content performance and knowing the parts of your work to improve is harder with text content. On the other hand, video content allows you to track your content. You’ll easily tell what device your content was viewed from, the number of times, how long they were viewed, etc.

3. It is easier to share 

Video content is commonly considered to be the most shareable form of content. The fact that it creates more engagement than other types of content is an important factor. It easily appeals to people and it is easier for them to share with others. Written content is not able to motivate people to share as much.

4. It is easier to understand 

Most people online today would definitely prefer to watch a video than read a text. More than reading a text, it is also easy to understand content from a video that one watches. Normal written content can be very boring, dull, and difficult to understand.

5. It can be combined with written content

This is another advantage that video content has over written content. You can easily integrate video content into your written content to pass your message even better. For instance, animated videos can be added to your social media campaigns, blog posts, and email marketing campaigns. So video content aids written content.

Advantages of written content 

There are occasions that call for written content, in which case it’s more necessary than video content. It does offer some benefit over video content. Some of these are:

1. Increased on-site content

With written content, you are able to create more content for your website. The more content you have on your website, the more time your website visitors spend on your website. This will lead to more traffic and can consequently lead to an increased conversion rate. According to twiftnews, high-quality written content will make you more reliable. It would be almost impossible to create video content as regularly as you would with written content.

2. Increased search engine visibility 

With each post that you add to your website, you have more chances to rank on the google results page. Having a big number of webpages doesn’t always mean that you will get more traffic on your site. But if you are able to create high-quality pages, then you will more easily rank on Google. You can even make it more effective by targeting long-tail keywords. You would not be able to do this with video content.

3. Increased domain authority 

The more high-quality content that you write, the more your audience perceives you to be an expert. This gives you more relevance, authority, and makes people trust your site even better. If your content gets a lot of inbound links from other websites, the domain authority of your website increases. As you continue to create more quality content and get more searches and external links, your website gains more. This is, however, something that you’re unable to do with video content.

4. Increased social traffic 

It is easier for you to sync your website to different social media platforms when you produce written content. Although you can do this with video content, it is more effective with written content. This makes it easier to share your content and gain more followers on social media and visitors on your website.

5. Higher conversion potential 

The reason for content creation is to help you gain engagement with your audience. But you want to take the opportunity to pitch your service or product to your audience. You have more opportunity to do this better with written content than video content. So, it offers more potential for conversion.


Video and written content are the most effective types of content marketing strategies and have their merits over the other. Most internet users are more into video content than written content as they find it boring to read long texts. In order to have more successful marketing campaigns, video content is more important than written content. People are more inclined to it and they have to spend more time on the site leading to more traffic.

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