Why Is Project Management So Important To An Organization?

importance of project management

Project management is the backbone of any small business. Without proper project management, projects are bound to lose track or even fail. A project manager is the one who handles the project in an organization. Subject matter expertise is necessary to execute all the necessary steps of a project management lifecycle. In this article, we will share our thoughts on the importance of project management. This is so that you can understand why project management is essential for an organizations’ success. 

What is project management?

Project management is the use of resources, tools, and knowledge to deliver successful results. It focuses on completing the project on time and within the stipulated resources. It also comprises a risk assessment and establishing communication channels.

The following are the steps involved in project management:

  • Initiation.
  • Planning.
  • Execution.
  • Monitoring and control.
  • Closure.

Ensuring that the project goes through all these phases brings the project closer to success.

Why is project management important?

There are many project management methods. Adapting the one that suits your business needs is crucial. But choosing the less-suitable method is better than not opting for project management. The following are the reasons why:

1. Set realistic goals:

Project managers who do not rely on project management methods, fail to set realistic goals. Assumptions mess up the entire project affecting not only the project but also the organization’s revenue. But, project management forces you to establish practical milestones.

During the initiation and planning phase, you must set clear goals. Similarly, you should derive the goals based on the evaluation of resources and skills your organization has. Delay in projects affects the reputation of the company. It is better to draft wise plans than to regret your decisions later. Therefore, specifying the importance of project management in an organization.

2. Strategic alignment:

Why do companies undertake projects? To grow their revenue and satisfy their business goals. Project management ensures that the projects you undertake align with your strategic goals.

Furthermore, it prevents you from approving projects that add no organizational value. Organizations that choose projects that align with their strategy are more likely to succeed.

3. Distinct goals:

During the initiation phase, you must point out the goals and deliverables of the project. Every process that takes place afterward focuses on the set goals.

Pointing out the project goals demands a clear understanding of the project and its aim. Project managers undergo a series of conversations with the client before identifying the goals. Only when the project manager gets a distinct idea of the project, can he convey it to the employees.

4. Process control:

Without project management, it is quite tough to manage each small task. Therefore, project management is the only solution to effectively manage all related activities. It enables you to coordinate all the small activities to complete the bigger task. A good project management software prevents the isolation of tasks. It helps you stay proactive at all times.

5. Quality control:

The quality of a product determines its success in the market. The same applies to projects. If it’s not up to par, you might even lose the client.

The project management process acknowledges the need for quality checks. It advises you to create quality measurement variables during the planning phase. Additionally, it emphasizes the need to maintain quality and meet deadlines.

6. Cost reduction:

Project delays result in resource usage going up. Meaning, it increases the budget of the project. Fortunately, project management pushes you to keep the cost under check at all times.

Managing risks by using project management prevents the additional cost incurred by damages. An initial investment in project management software reduces unnecessary future costs.


In summary, organizations that do not understand the importance of project management often operate at a loss. Employing an efficient project manager is also vital for the organization’s growth. To stay updated with the trend, it is also important for you to choose a powerful project management software. All three together sets your organization on the right path towards success.

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