Anniversary Can Design Case Study

Fan Engagement Design Campaign

AriZona celebrates its 20th anniversary and the brand’s status as the number one ready-to-drink tea in America. Because of this, the brand reaches out to its millions of fans to choose its next tea. The result is one of the ultimate fan engagement campaigns in the brand’s history.

After a three month campaign to choose its newest flavor, AriZona announces Cherry Lime Rickey. In fact, this is the first AriZona beverage completely created by fans.

Following the flavor selection, Creative Allies launches a nationwide fan engagement campaign for the can design. So we challenge our community to create a commemorative designed can. Overall, the winner gets $5,000 and bragging rights for designing for one of the nation’s most heralded consumer brands.

To make the campaign extremely unique, Creative Allies designs and builds a branded microsite. After that, we host and manage the contest and allow fans to vote on the designs.

Of the final five designs, Kenny V. ’s OneVibe design received the most fan votes. Thus, AriZona printed his winning design on over 1 million cans nationwide.

Winning Artwork: One Vibe
1 +
Design Submissions
1 M
Digital Impressions
$ 1 K
Designer Prizes

Featured Submissions

Choosing a winner is never easy! After all, this campaign boasts close to 2,000 submissions and almost 8,000 votes. In fact, the whole world of tea drinkers got involved. As can be seen below, here are some of the best designs from this campaign.

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