Crystal Pen Illustration

Illustration Design With A Twist

Creative Allies partners with BIC® to activate the brand’s Fight For Your Write campaign. On this occasion, our community jumps at the chance to participate in this illustration design contest. As a result, artists promote the power of writing and individuality.

Given that a panel of BIC® design gurus review the submissions, they have some judging criteria. The list of criteria includes Creativity, Visual Appeal, Fit with the Brand, Skill & Technique.

In summary, we reach over 1 million total contest impressions. What’s more, these creatives take the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” to a whole new level.

Winner: This Is Mandie
Winner: Lonnie Walker

Doodlers and Sketch Artists Welcome

For this campaign, we seek doodle, sketch, outline, design, cartoon, or handwritten word or phrase. After all, whatever the creatives can think of using the iconic BIC® Cristal® Ball Pen is fine with us. In general, the artwork showcases the freedom and expressive nature of the pen!

These artists show the judges what is possible with a simple ballpoint pen. As a matter of fact, all entries are hand drawn with a pen and scanned for public display. For that reason, we can’t underestimate the power of the ballpoint pen! 

1 +
Design Submissions
1 M+
Digital Impressions
$ 1 K
Designer Prizes

Featured Submissions

So much creativity is shown in the submissions to this illustration design contest. Even though there are only three winners selected, these are a few favorites! 

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