Tour Poster Design

Tour Fan Engagement

Fetty Wap, one of hip-hop’s hottest talents, dedicated his 2018 For My Fans tour to his loyal fan base. To keep fans engaged throughout the 19-city tour, he reached out to the Creative Allies community to design a unique, location-based poster for each city of his tour.

We asked our artists to create cool, original, hip, eye-catching, inspiring and unique poster designs. In addition to the design representing Fetty Wap, each design also represented cities from Silver Spring to Los Angeles to Houston to Chicago and plenty of cities in between.

Our community created over 450 cool, original, unique, fresh and of course, CREATIVE poster designs that best represent each individual location on the For My Fans tour.

Artwork by: Maria L.
Artwork by: SketchNkustom

Location-Based Marketing

This was the first campaign of its kind for Creative Allies. Our team hosted a series of 19 contests, many of which ran simultaneously that were each a little different. We asked fans to design artwork that included a creative take on the city where Fetty Wap would perform.

As the contests were aligned with the tour dates, we had a tight timeline to work with and needed exceptional project management to ensure contest launches, announcements and winner selections were in sync with the tour dates.

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Featured Submissions

Here is some of the great artwork for this hip hop marketing campaign. All designs are inspired by Fetty Wap’s For My Fans Tour in 2019.

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