Portfolio Website Case Study

Increasing Portfolio Awareness

Rich Font of Rich Font Creative is an established videographer and photographer. At Creative Allies, we continuously encourage freelancers in our community to go beyond social media for their marketing. As an entrepreneur you need to get your brand in front of potential clients where they are. If possible, freelancers should really know their audience well enough to understand how they look for freelancers. In addition to a strong social media presence it was crucial for Rich to have his own website. 

The Creative Allies team designed a simple, yet sleek website for Rich to showcase his portfolio of work. His Instagram is still a great place for him to showcase his work and his personality. The new website is now a central place for his professional portfolio. Since his clientele are primarily business owners, having a website provides another tool to showcase his work. Since most businesses will head to Google first before anything else, freelancers must make sure to have their digital footprint cover more than just Instagram.

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