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Poster created by: SheaForThaLulz

Design contest: Design A Poster For Owl City

Owl City Poster by SheaForThaLulz on
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I think that Adam is a beautiful person. His music is poetry, every lyric and every melody is pure poetry. I've been a fan of Adam's music for a few years now and always look to it for inspiration. I always fancied myself a dreamer and listening to Owl City is like listening to my dreams. The very first contest I entered here on Creative Allies was for Sky Sailing, if it weren't for that contest I likely wouldn't have gotten photoshop and discovered how much I enjoy using it. I owe my deepest thanks to Adam for creating music that serves as a constant source of inspiration, positivity and support. To me, the Midsummer Station represents being stationary in a very creative place, just blossoming with ideas, and holding each one of those ideas and inspirations by a delicate string. I tried to portray that here. I also wanted to stretch your imagination by putting things that aren't generally found in the sky, in the sky. Adam's music stretched my imagination and I hope that I stretched yours with this poster.
  • Indie%20rock%20(36)

    almost 3 years ago

    @lovethemusic thanks! And yes, photoshop cs6. It's pretty much entirely drawn using the pen tool.

  • Wallpaper_1680x1050

    almost 3 years ago

    I like it. did you say you used photoshop?

  • Indie%20rock%20(36)

    almost 3 years ago

    Thank you very much!

    And to everyone that's voted, I GREATLY appreciate it. Much love <3

  • 368845_697315044_1136649499_q

    Tamara Stone
    almost 3 years ago

    Awesome! I love it, I hope you win. :]

  • Copper%20w:%20background

    CarBen Dioxide
    almost 3 years ago

    very nice.