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Merchandise Graphic created by: Olivier Élie

Design contest: Design Merch for ASAP Mob

A$AP Mob Merchandise Graphic by Olivier Élie on
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I'm a graphic designer with an eye for fashion. I have recently been playing with floral patterns, so I used one of my floral artworks in black and white for the mob's design. It is purely my creation and this design can be used for clothing, iPhone cases, a poster, anything.
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    Krystal St John
    9 months ago

    Fresh for the summer !

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    Ørjan Askland
    10 months ago

    Ahh this is my new iPhone backround

  • Missing

    11 months ago

    finessed the design, salute

  • Missing

    11 months ago

    this shit is so flames! i love this design great work

  • Missing

    11 months ago

    This is really nice! Good work

  • Missing

    12 months ago

    This without the black box and "VSVP" would be a great design alone man