Donald Thompson

President and CEO

  • CEO of Creative Allies. Work is always interesting & fun because we’re a small team with high performances doing big things.


  • Raquetball is my jam and I am extremely competitive (on AND off the court).


  • SeEing Run DMC’s “King of Rock” tour as well as New Edition in New Orleans were two concerts that made a huge impact on me.


  • I saw the original ‘StAr Wars’ in theaters 7 times. I thought it was the most phenomenal thing!


  • Game of Thrones SUPERFAN. I’ve watched the full series twice and will soon be watching it all the way through again. Nothing since ‘Star Wars’ has captivated me like GOT.


  • MIchael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” album rocked my socks off. There was a time when I wore parachute pants and a Thriller jacket.


  • LoVe to get lost in David Baldacci spy novels when I’m not working.


  • Passionatabout trying new things and my Aunt Kathy’s German chocolate cake (don’t even get me started).