Fan Engagement

Services Overview

Attracting the right fans at the right time is hard. Creating exciting visuals and opportunities for authentic engagement with diverse audiences can be expensive, unpredictable, and often ineffective. Except when you work with Creative Allies!

Creative Allies has a consumer engagement and content creation platform powered by a global creative community. We have delivered over 1 billion authentic impressions for entertainment and corporate brands to execute marketing campaigns, drive sales and accelerate social interaction through high-quality design and data-driven digital programs.


Designer Testimonial

"Thank you for sending me the signed lyric sheet from Megadeth! I’m stoked, this was an awesome contest and I’m happy I could be a part of it! I love creating new things and all these contests are a great way for me to have a break from my normal work stuff. This design meant a lot to me, I did it in honor of a friend who passed who introduced me to Megadeth when I was a kid. I think he would be stoked. Thanks again! Keep the contests coming and I’ll try to keep my submissions coming as well!"

Tyler Crawford, Fan and Designer


We work closely with you to design the campaign based on what your needs are. We can focus our fan engagement campaigns on any type of artwork you need – posters, album covers, merchandise, social artwork. After we agree upon project brief we do the following:

  • Create a contest page on the Creative Allies website
  • Promote the contest to our design community on social media and with email marketing
  • Monitor the contest submissions and curate designs to share publicly
  • Showcase the artwork on social media and engage with artists and fans
  • Manage the voting process to get feedback from both designers and fans
  • Work closely with the client to select the winner(s)