Improving Sales Skills

The journey to a successful career in sales isn’t linear. There are a lot of ups and downs and lessons to learn along the way. If given the opportunity, most sales professionals have things they would do differently now that they have a greater understanding of the industry and their role. In our two-part series, Tips for Excelling in Sales, we’re sharing the top 10 lessons every sales professional should know and practice while improving sales skills. Be sure to check out Part 1 for the first five lessons, and read on below for Part 2.

Lesson #6 Do Your Research

Sales deals don’t start or end with the transaction. You must immerse yourself in your industry, business knowledge, and the client that you’re working with to help their company grow and not only make a sale. When you’re well-versed in the product and service, you’re more equipped to have a high-executive level conversation. Clients will soon seek you out as a problem solver and be willing to pay top dollar for a proven solution. Before you know it, you’ll be closing large sale seals sooner in your career.

Lesson #7 Keep in Touch

A rookie mistake that many new to sales make is completely ignoring leads who don’t immediately make or purchase or not maintaining communication with customers after a transaction is complete. However, you should make an effort to provide value to consumers throughout the year. Collect emails to share industry reports and promotional discounts or add them to your Christmas card list; whichever your method, your goal is to let your customers know you’re thinking of them.

Lesson #8 Approach Rejection as Opportunities

No one likes the word ‘no,’ but it’s unavoidable in sales. Retrain your brain to think differently about rejection. Instead of the end, think of it as the beginning. It’s a chance for you to discover more about your audience. You need to figure out why their answer is no, take what you learned, and utilize that insight when pitching to the next prospect. If leads express future interest, keep in contact with them and follow up diligently. It may take a while to change the no into a yes as sales is rarely a one-shot process. Keep practicing and actively nurturing your leads throughout their journey to be successful.

Lesson #9 Make Larger Goals

Those who are new to sales often walk, talk, and act like a beggar instead of high-paid business consultants. You feel like people are doing you a favor by buying from you instead of compensating you for the value you provided their company. Remember that the customer isn’t paying you for your personality and lip service, they’re compensating you to solve their problem, and that’s an invaluable benefit. So think bigger and set career, revenue, and professional sales goals that reflect that mindset. Even if you fall short, you’ll still excel beyond your expectations, 

Lesson #10 Ask for Help 

From entry-level to veteran sales professionals, everyone has to ask for help sometimes. It can be intimidating but allow yourself to be vulnerable, let go of the ego, and learn from your peers, mentors, and other industry experts. They’ve faced many of the same dilemmas and are aware of the common pitfalls, proven solutions, and techniques. You can waste a lot of time and resources by just winging it. Learning from others is the fastest way to gain perspective and reduce costly mistakes. Ask the hard questions and welcome the awkward moments that follow as it’s all a part of the process.

Improving Sales Skills: The Sales Tips in Action 

Getting the results you want in sales is all about what you put into your practice. It may take some time, but by leveraging these tips with your expertise, you’ll be able to engage your target audience and complete the sale. 

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