Jennifer Garner

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Concert & music junkie since the age of 5. (My first show was Bon Jovi & Skid Row!)


  • WR iting and reading bring out the word nerd in me.


  • BElieves in magic, karma and contentment. (Simply enjoy life, do what makes you happy and treat others the way YOU want to be treated.)


  • FAvorite artists include Roman Dirge, Olivia de Berardinis, Mark Ryden, David LaChappelle and local NC artist, Duy Huynh.


  • CommunicaTing with & aiding our design community to create award-winning work makes my job fun!


  • I quote my favorite movies in everyday life, especially Empire Records, What We Do In The Shadows, Beetlejuice and That’s My Boy. (“Vampires don’t do dishes!”)


  • LoVes a good nap, the sound of the ocean and Adult Swim’s “Off the Air”.


  • NEver without gummy bears or chocolate.