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If your answer is NO, then we should talk! Creative Allies can be your one stop shop for logo design. Everyone needs a great logo. Whether you are small business owner, an independent contractor, or in charge of creating a new division for a large brand. Logos are the first visual that your clients see. You have to make a great first impression.

Over the years, our design community has grown to 100,000+ around the world. Over 70% of these are experienced logo designers. Our design community can provide inspiration for your new logo. Contact us now for a free consultation about your logo needs.

What Our Clients Say

“I am a classic guy and I wanted a classic logo. I was looking for something identifiable that I can put on our trucks, shirts, business cards, whatever. The team was great! They listened to my ideas and gave me a lot of options to go through before narrowing down our top 5 and then landing on our brand new logo.”

Steve Taepke

Commercial Facility Service

“It’s been a pleasure to work with this group. I was impressed from the moment I came to them with my needs and ideas. They worked hard to provide me with several logo options so that I could launch my brand before the holiday season. If you need a logo design, or a new concept, I would highly recommend this team.”

Mary Haviland

By Word of Heart

Did You Know?

bp nike

Logo costs vary widely!

For example, in 1971 the swoosh we all know and love cost Nike $35. Conversely, the current BP logo and subsequent rebranding cost over $200 million. Don't break the bank when developing a logo and understand there are more costs involved than just the design work.


Crowdsourced design has been around a while.

Crowdsourcing is a popular and usually cost effective way to get your logo created. For that reason, in 1936, the original Toyota brand sought to get its name and new logo from the crowd. They held a logo design contest. As a result, they receive over 27,000 entries. The original logo is no longer, but the name remains.

Crowdsourced design has been around a while.

The color blue is very popular in brand logos. Basically, over 1/3 of top brands use some shade of blue in their logo. Typically, blue is associated with feelings of calm and safety. You have many color choices when you create your branding. Therefore, be sure to understand what emotions each color evokes to your customers.

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