How Do You Succeed As An Entrepreneur?

At Creative Allies, we are a company of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our team continues to have many great opportunities with global brands. We get to work on projects with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. However, it’s just as much of a thrill for us to work with a clever startup helmed by a first-time founder on their entrepreneurship path. 

      A Day To Recognize Entrepreneurship

Today, August 21, is a special day for us. Because every year on this day is World Entrepreneurs’ Day. This is a day of recognition and awareness for early-stage companies and their founders. The day is the brainchild of the AIBA, the Alliance of International Business Associations. 

The purpose of World Entrepreneurs’ Day is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership around the world. It’s the perfect day to celebrate the people who have the courage to go out on their own and start a business.  

Today, we honor founders, managers, producers, and contractors. Also, we tip our hats to industrialists, innovators, administrators, designers, and producers. Everyone should promote World Entrepreneurs’ Day since entrepreneurs are really the backbone of most of the products and services we know. 

       Creative Allies Is Still A Startup

While I didn’t start Creative Allies, I certainly can appreciate the guts our founders had to start and grow the company. I took on the CEO role last year, at a time when we needed to make our business model both sustainable and scalable in different ways. It’s a different time, with different customers, and different offerings. Finding our own place in this world challenges me on a daily basis. Some days are stressful while others are joyful. But each day is meaningful. 

Like other startups we find meaning and fulfillment in lots of places. There’s no better way to build your team and create bonds than to run a startup together. We find meaning in our customers. We find fulfillment in people who come from every walk of life. These are the folks who teach us the nuances of culture and the bigger lessons for all of humanity.

We find it in our advisors, our lawyers, accountants, bankers, business coaches, and mentors. They each are a special part of the thrill of the ride. They also pick us up when we fall. Finally, we find it in our peers. There are so many great lessons to learn from networking, forming relationships, and befriending our fellow entrepreneurs. We learn from our own successes and failures, and we learn from each other’s. 

From the entrepreneurs I meet on a regular basis, I get an overwhelming feeling that while we are all building our own companies, our shared experience means that we’re all in this together. 

      Spread The Knowledge

If you’re on an entrepreneurship path, remember to help out others along their journey. I’m always joining new groups and reaching out to new individuals. I seek to offer and receive knowledge. From where I sit, the startup ecosystem can’t have enough resources for CEOs, managers, and key employees at early-stage companies. Be a resource for someone today (and every day) to share the knowledge you are soaking up on your journey.

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