What Are Examples Of Creativity?

Artist PortraitTracie Lacey is from Melbourne, Australia and is a long-time member of our creative community. Known as Majikal Whispers, her design style is so unique and always stands out in our design contests.  We sat down to find out more about who Tracie is and what she loves about being a designer. Throughout this interview, she answers our question, “what are examples of creativity”.

Why are you a designer?

I love to draw! I can sit for hours with my tablet and it doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy trying different ways to see what creations I come up with.

      How did you get started?

A friend who wanted a logo made that looked like a drawing. That put me on the path of digital design because it was something I could draw for her and turn into her own unique logo. I am happy to say she loves it and still uses it today!

examples of creativity

      How does Australia influence your design?

I live in Australia, a country that is full of color and many different faces. I think this is why I love to draw faces more than anything. There are examples of creativity everywhere I go in Australia!

      What do you do (full-time designer, etc)?

I work as a color/ consultant designer for a framing store, Hang Up. People bring in pieces for framing. Then, I get to try out different colors and styles to have the pieces pop. Working here gives me so much opportunity to see all genres of art. Everything from simple sketches to mixed medium and of course my favorite, digital art. Seeing all the digital prints that come through the door from artists just gives me the bug to create my own. I decided I need to learn more about digital art and completed a diploma in graphic design.

      What’s your earliest memory?

My mother was an artist so coming home from school and smelling the oils from the paint was the best smell. knew I wanted to create.

examples of creativity

      Favorite design tools?

My favorite design tool is my iPad. I can take it anywhere and use it as paper and pencil. I love how there are so many drawing apps around and how anyone can have a go to just create!

       Describe your design style.

My design style is drawing mixed with digital. I like to do band art and posters. Probably because there are people in them! ???? I like to have a drawn feel without it being too digitally manipulated.

examples of creativityTell us about a previous design contest win and how you felt?

Winning the Black Panther inspiration contest was very exciting, I had so much fun doing this.There was so many awesome entries and examples of creativity from artists all over the world. So, I was very happy my design was chosen. Basically, entering any of the competitions is always fun but I don’t think it’s about winning. It’s more about having a go and getting your art out there.

      Who are some of your favorite artists/designers?

I’ll give you my top 3. First, would be Melbourne artist Lionia because her art captures faces in a way like no other. Next, Ruben Ireland has a style that, again, involves mainly people but he is so creative in the way he uses color with black and white. Finally, Gabriel Moreno who is a world renowned graphic artist. His use of pen and pencil is simply amazing!

examples of creativity

       What does it mean to be creative?

To me being creative is seeing things in something that others don’t see. Putting my own spin on it and creating something from my own vision is creative.

      Who or what inspires you?

Artists inspire me. Working where I do, I get to see work from students to professional artists. It is very personal and it’s what you see, not what others see.

      What’s on your bucket list?

Number 1: working from home full-time just creating.

Check out Tracie’s Behance page!

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