Social Media Strategies & Management

Learn Social Media Fundamentals For Your Business Growth

Having a strong social media strategy can be a game-changer for a brand or a business. Let us teach you how you can leverage social media to make an impact at any level. By the end of the program, you’ll understand the power of social media, and how it engages audiences and drives impact.

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What Should You Expect?

Our Social Media Strategies & Management instructor-led online course, offered through a partnership with Creative Allies, allows you to learn at your own pace. Learn from an award-winning digital marketer in the field with strategies you can implement real-time. You will receive:

What Topics Will We Cover?

The core reasons for why social media is such a phenomenon in our culture and how businesses can leverage it for success. The lesson includes review overarching principles, different content types, as well as pros and cons for each platform.

How to build a roadmap for your business in social media from competitive audits, persona mapping, and creating a brand personality. The lesson shows how to complete a social voice exercise and how to apply that to brand value pillars.

Compelling content and best practices for each channel. We also review how to repurpose long-form content to make several assets and build out your social media calendar.

Dealing with negative feedback and effective responses for different types of complainers. The lesson includes how to run a social media war room as well as partnering with other departments to respond effectively.

Amplifying content through paid media in the form of advertising or influencer-based partnerships. We will discuss different levels of partnerships, outreach, as well as the best strategies for paid media.

How to report on your social media efforts and what goes into creating a social media report. The lesson will review best practices, units of measure, and how to overcome roadblocks.

Omnichannel marketing that weaves social media into every touchpoint along the way. The lesson will look at key examples of how to integrate social media into the full customer experience.

Groups of students will be paired with a small business in need of social media guidance. During this project you will see how the social media strategies learned in this course can positively impact a small business

Meet Your Instructors

Ann Marie Taepke brings over 12+ years experience in social media, developing innovative and creative social strategies for award-winning campaigns. She currently works as the Creative Director for social influencers, The Holderness Family.

Amie Thompson is a marketing agency CEO with 20+ years of experience. Amie leads the social media strategy and execution for her firm and its small business, nonprofit, and sports clients.

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