Supplier Diversity

What is Supplier Diversity?

Supplier diversity works to ensure that all segments of society have an opportunity to participate in the economy. Companies with a diverse supply chain are able to meet the needs of a more diverse customer base. The benefits of supplier diversity are many. For one, it helps to create a level playing field for all businesses. Additionally, supplier diversity can lead to increased innovation and creativity, as well as improved bottom-line results.

Creative Allies as a diverse supplier.

Diversity and inclusion are engrained in our business at Creative Allies. We are a minority-owned firm, but it’s more than that. As you should know, diversity is much more than race or ethnicity. When business decisions are made through a DEI lens we find that we provide better solutions for our clients. We select project teams that are representative of our client’s consumers. It’s also critical to ensure that our client’s websites are digitally accessible. The decisions we make for ourselves and our clients make us a great greater to have in your supplier diversity program.

In addition to our internal team and ways of thinking, we also have a diverse set of strategic partners. We often tap into our partner network to ensure that our clients have the expertise needed for the challenges they face. As we continue to build and nurture our partnerships, we increase the diversity of thought and experience for our clients.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Work with Creative Allies can potentially help you tap into better pricing for your marketing needs. Additionally, through our internal team, our freelance network, and partners we can offer more innovative solutions. Finally, by having vendors such as Creative Allies in your supplier diversity program, we might help you attract and retain a more diverse workforce. 

There are a number of ways to define diversity. Historically, diversity has often been only about race or gender. But at its core, we believe that diversity is about inclusion. This means creating an environment in which all individuals feel respected, valued, and welcome. Diversity may be represented by race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, work experience, and ability. When organizations are truly diverse and inclusive, they are better able to serve their employees, customers, and the community at large.

Traditionally, a diverse supplier is a business owned by members of traditionally underrepresented groups in the procurement process. However, if you are looking to truly build a diverse supplier network, you should look beyond that. A diverse supplier is also one that can provide products or services that are unique and not available from other suppliers.

It’s important to work with diverse suppliers because they can help your business tap into new markets. When you work with vendors that come from different backgrounds and perspectives, you can gain insights into new cultures and markets. This can help you expand your business and reach new customers.

Through our partners, Creative Allies can offer training and consulting services to support diversity and inclusion initiatives. Beyond that, partnering with our company will allow you to bring more innovation and creativity to your existing work. Remember that diversity takes many forms and includes diversity of thought and experience.

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